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Category:  Rescue / Pumper
2005 E-One Cyclone II Stainless steel 2000/1250 (E3263)
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2005 E-One Cyclone II Stainless steel 2000/1250 (E3263)

General Specs
• Super Clean 2005 E-One Cyclone II for sale with low miles.
• Diesel
• Allison Automatic (EVS4000P)
• Air Conditioning
• Seating for 6 FireFighters
• SCBA seating for 5
• Shoreline Air w/ auto-eject
• On-Spot Snow Chains
• Set of regular chains
• Fire-Com Head sets w/ wireless driver set.
• Data 911 System
• 1500' of 5" LDH
• Crossfire Safe-Tek Deck Gun
• --TFT Nozzle
• --Stack of tips
• (2) 6" Hard Suction
• 35' Ladder
• 14' Roof Ladder
• 10' Closet Ladder
• Assortment of Hydrant/Spanner wrenches
• Lights, Sirens, Electronic-Q.

• Hale 2000 GPM Pump
• 1250 Gallon UPF POLY Tank
• A- Hale Foam Logic 5.0
• B- Akron in-line inductor Foam System
• Harrison 15KW Generator
• (2) 200' reels
• Wil-Burt 11'-6" 750W Light Towers
• Kussmaul Battery Charging System w/ auto eject.
• 19276 Miles
• 1414 Engine Hours
• 299 Pump Hours
• 32'-10" Long
• 10'-10" High
• GVWF 21000 lbs
• GVWR 31000 lbs

can be seen at https://www.fentonfire.com/used_engines_and_pumpers/listing.php?lid=8498

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Dealer Information:
Fenton Fire Equipment Inc.
Jim Campbell
1st Responder Wireless
Fabco Power
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