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In the Line of Duty
Michael Dale "Mike" Russell, Rose, OK
Crystal Rezzonico, Phoenix, AZ
Paul Murdoch, Greybull, WY
Bill Matthews, Bassfield, MS
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Michael Dale "Mike" Russell, Rose, OK
Name: Michael Dale "Mike" Russell Rank: Firefighter Age: 68 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: Pending Date of Incident: 02/22/2017 Time of Incident: 0730hrs Date of Death: 02/22/2017 Fire Department: Leach Volunteer Fire Department Address: 5791 US HWY 412 ALT, Rose, OK 74364 Fire Department Chief: Troy Sinor Incident Description: While responding to a structure fire, Firefighter Russell died from injuries sustained when he lost control of the fire apparatu....more
Crystal Rezzonico, Phoenix, AZ
Name: Crystal Rezzonico Rank: Captain Age: 56 Gender: Female Status: Career Years of Service: 23 Date of Incident: 08/10/2009 Time of Incident: 1803hrs Date of Death: 02/18/2017 Fire Department: Phoenix Fire Department Address: 150 South 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Fire Department Chief: Kara Kalkbrenner Incident Description: Captain Rezzonico succumbed to injuries suffered in August of 2009 when the apparatus she was riding while responding to an incident was struck in an ....more
Paul Murdoch, Greybull, WY
Name: Paul Murdoch Rank: Fire Chief Age: 53 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 35 Date of Incident: 02/16/2017 Time of Incident: 1200hrs Date of Death: 02/16/2017 Fire Department: Greybull Volunteer Fire Department Address: 24 S 5th ST POB 408, Greybull, WY 82426 Fire Department Chief: Pending Incident Description: Fire Chief Murdoch was found unresponsive at his home after spending the day working emergency operations related to ice abatement on the Bighorn....more
Bill Matthews, Bassfield, MS
Name: Bill Matthews Rank: Fire Chief Age: 73 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 7 Date of Incident: 02/14/2017 Time of Incident: 1645hrs Date of Death: 02/14/2017 Fire Department: Bassfield Volunteer Fire Department Address: 194 Gen. Robert E. Blount DR POB 100, Bassfield, MS 39421 Fire Department Chief: Pending Incident Description: Fire Chief Matthews was found unconscious in the driver’s seat of the fire apparatus he was operating on the scene of a brush ....more
Douglas McCauley, Des Moines, IA
Name: Douglas McCauley Rank: Fire Engineer Age: 59 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 29 Date of Incident: 02/10/2017 Time of Incident: Pending Date of Death: 02/11/2017 Fire Department: Des Moines Fire Department Address: 900 Mulberry ST, Des Moines, IA 50309-3614 Fire Department Chief: John TeKippe Incident Description: Fire Engineer McCauley suffered a significant medical event while on duty Friday, February 2nd. Engineer McCauley was treated and transported....more
John Michael “Mike” Cummins, Homer, IL
Name: John Michael “Mike” Cummins Rank: Firefighter Age: 46 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 31 Date of Incident: 02/07/2017 Time of Incident: 2345hrs Date of Death: 02/08/2017 Fire Department: Homer Fire Protection District Address: 202 N Main ST, Homer, IL 61849 Fire Department Chief: Don Happ, Jr. Incident Description: While returning home from the station after working with his fire department on a motor vehicle accident response call, Firefighter Cumm....more
Ethan Cunningham, Syracuse, NY
Name: Ethan Cunningham Rank: Firefighter Age: 47 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 11 Date of Incident: 02/05/2017 Time of Incident: 1030hrs Date of Death: 02/06/2017 Fire Department: Syracuse Fire Department Address: 511 South State Street, 607 Public Safety Building, Syracuse, NY 13202 Fire Department Chief: Paul Linnertz Incident Description: Firefighter Cunningham was found deceased at home by a family member several hours after completing his shift at th....more
Ryan Thomas Moyer, Waldo, WI
Name: Ryan Thomas Moyer Rank: Firefighter Age: 31 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 5 Date of Incident: 02/04/2017 Time of Incident: 1625hrs Date of Death: 02/04/2017 Fire Department: Waldo Fire Department Address: 810 W 2nd ST POB 36, Waldo, WI 53093 Fire Department Chief: Jason Parrish Incident Description: Firefighter Moyer was operating his privately owned vehicle on fire department business when it was involved in a single vehicle crash taking his life....more
Daniel Havicus, Tracy, CA
Name: Daniel Havicus Rank: Captain Age: 41 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 17 Date of Incident: 01/08/2017 Time of Incident: Pending Date of Death: 01/18/2017 Fire Department: Tracy Fire Department Address: 835 Central Avenue, Tracy, CA 95376 Fire Department Chief: Randall Bradley Incident Description: Captain Daniel Havicus fell ill during his shift on January 8, 2017. He continued to feel ill and called in sick prior to his next shift. His condition worsen....more
Rodney “Tiny” Menne, Eldorado, WI
Name: Rodney “Tiny” Menne Rank: Assistant Fire Chief Age: 53 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 30 Date of Incident: 01/10/2017 Time of Incident: 0200hrs Date of Death: 01/10/2017 Fire Department: Eldorado Volunteer Fire Department Address: W9218 County Road N, Eldorado, WI 54932-9692 Fire Department Chief: Toby Hass Incident Description: At approximately 0200hrs, several hours after a fire department meeting, Assistant Fire Chief Rodney “Tiny” Menne was dis....more
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